Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology by John Heil

Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology

Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology John Heil ebook
ISBN: 0199253838, 9780199253838
Publisher: OUP
Page: 930
Format: djvu

Anthologies (400 level courses): Heil - Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology. This may be one of the oldest and best known quotes in the history of philosophy, but a brief survey of contemporary philosophy seems to show that there is much confusion and uncertainty regarding the nature of the self. 1 John Heil, Philosophy of Mind – A Guide and Anthology. Philosophy of Mind, A Guide and Anthology (ed. The modern phenomenological method or MPhM, which was explained in a prior post. It is natural for people to ask questions such as “What am I?”, “What is the nature of my . Reply January 28, 2008 at 12:33 PM. Pojman - The Theory of Knowledge: Classic and Contemporary Readings. The Intrinsic Quality of Experience. Of qualia and the subjective features of experience. Edited by a renowned scholar in the field, this anthology provides an extensive and varied collection of classical and contemporary readings in the philosophy of mind.

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